About Us

Ausphin International Institute (AII), is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) in Australia (RTO Code: 41370) that aims to up-skill the proficiencies of motivated candidates by conducting vocational education and training (VET) through workplace-based on-the-job training modules to improve their technical and soft skills and to reach international standards. We have a team of industry experts who will train, assess, monitor and provide valuable feedback and support the progress of each candidate to ensure that they become “superstars” or “extraordinary” in their chosen career. Our industry expert trainers will also determine if they are qualified to acquire an internationally recognized Australian qualification.

Obtaining an Australian qualification gives a monumental advantage to graduates of the program because it is recognized internationally, not just in Australia. Getting Australian accreditation affirms that your skills meet international standards, competent enough to work in your chosen field in a global scope.

The Ausphin International Institute Experience

Students are given the option to study on-the-job training. Industry trainers will guide students to ensure that they get the best training to meet international standards and are fit to earn Australian qualification. Each student is carefully screened to ensure that they are capable and motivated enough to go through the comprehensive program/s designed by Ausphin International Institute.

Why choose
Ausphin International Institute?

Our Vision

To become the most trusted training partner of motivated professionals to up-skill proficiencies and advance their careers in various industries.

Our Mission

Create better career opportunities to motivated individuals through providing industry focused training and assessment services.

Our Core Values


We act with integrity, providing quality services in all processes, being reliable and responsible. Our team exudes courtesy, friendliness, and willingness to be on board in offering quality service in any way necessary.


We strive for total understanding of the needs and requirements of different industries when designing our training programs. Our students can rely on us to provide them with focused but in-depth modules to fine-tune exact skills needed in their chosen fields.


We imbibe the same passion of our students and industry experts. We demonstrate strong work ethics with a learning culture that will help enrich the lives of those who we cater to.


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Ausphin International Institute is a Registered Training Organization (RTO) in Australia (RTO Code: 41370) that aims to upskill the proficiencies through vocational education and training (VET) and providing Australian accreditation.

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